TrakDeck Spa Cover

TrakDeck Spa Cover – Open

TrakDeck Spa Cover - Motion 2

TrakDeck Spa Cover – Motion 2

TrakDeck Spa Cover - Motion2

TrakDeck Spa Cover – Motion2

TrakDeck Spa Cover - Closed

TrakDeck Spa Cover – Closed

TrakDeck in action spa cover (medium)

TrakDeck in Motion


TrakDeck is an innovative cover solution for your in ground spa or swimspa.  TrakDeck is built with an aluminum structure and Trex decking with an integrated lifetime cover that will outlast the life of your spa. (no wood)  With TrakDeck your in ground or spa or pool is entirely hidden and TrakDeck is built to support your patio furniture, bbq, and your entire family even when it is covering your spa making your patio area more versatile.

TrakDeck is available with the standard Trak system (Trak/rail system is attached to the existing concrete/deck), or with our Patented TrakDeck alignment system – (no visible Trak to see or stub your toe on) 

5-4-16 trakdeck side view open

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TrakDeck- comes as a complete kit ready to assemble in 1 day.  Buy direct from the factory at pricing shown below.

Available in sizes from 10’x12′ to 14’x24′

Pricing- starts at only $13,500 for 10’x12′ add $1,000 per linear  foot

Priced at approximately $24,500 for 14’x24′

10’x12 standard size accommodates any spa up to 8’x8′

Upgrade to TrakDeck alignment system – delete the track on the ground for  $500

Standard drive is the long direction- for installations with drive in the short direction where the long side is larger than 14′  add $2,000 

Overall height of deck is 16″  steps available *that move with TrakDeck  $800 per side. – When Steps are installed on the side “between the deck & the pool/spa” when in the open position… increase the dimension by 18″

Most Spas have an Acrylic lip of 4″ to 7″.  TrakDeck is designed to clear 9″ of spa above the deck. To accommodate the part of the spa that is above the deck & the spa cover.

TrakDeck comes equipped with a lifetime cover that seals tight against the spa and retracts when TrakDeck is in motion.

The base of TrakDeck is wrapped in matching Trex Facia – the facia on the side of the deck that crosses the spa retracts when TrakDeck is in motion.



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